I’m 40 something years old. At least what the calendar says. I have no real sense of the passage of time.

I’m a father of two girls. One can’t stop reading and the other just learning.

I’m a husband to a good woman. We push each other to be better and are stubborn as hell. Good or bad? Dunno. Works for me.

I’ve done things. My existence is intertwined with electronics and agency. I’ve wandered off that path from time to time, but the road always leads there.

I’ve been part of great things and things which, depending on your perspective are not great. The first Iraq War. I heard the first reports of the slaughter in Rwanda and was able to help. Bosnia. Liberia. Mostly virtually, but sometimes in person, but always to great effect.

I carried the NASA flag for nearly 10 years.

I lived in Germany for years.

I learned to fly.

The US Military is a force for good.

That, I suppose, was really the second chapter of my life.

In the first, there’s stories of living in Germany for the first time, dropping out of high school, doing well in school, doing badly at the same, getting a degree in Physics, surviving crush depth.

I wonder what I’ll try to cram into the third chapter?


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